These shih tzu poodles are hypoallergenic, cute, and adourable, the two left are both males, they have the most beutiful blue eyes, these puppies both are full of energy but at the same time love to cuddle, they also love to give kisses, they are almost 8 weeks old and ready to go. They are eating soft food and trying their best to eat try food. They should only be fed wet food 2 times a day. They are starting to use the puppy pee pad at just 8 weeks, although they are not completly trained. These pups love to be around people. they should not get bigger then 12 pounds at the most. These pups are great with kids and other animals( we have cats and dogs).They would make a good addition to any type of family.The first pic is of the two puppies left for sale, The next 2 pics are of the pups seperate, 4th and 5th pics are of the dad, and the 6th and 7th are of the mom.

You can call me at 282-(until 11:00pm) if I dont answer feel free to leave a message or email any time. Thx for reading!